45 Lessons

Principles of Management

1Historical Overview of Management
2Management and Managers
3Managerial Roles in Organizations
4Managerial Functions
5Managerial Level Skills
6Management Ideas
7Classical View of Management
8Administrative View of Management
9Behavioral Theories of Management
10Quantitative Contemporary and Emerging Views of Management
11Systems View of Management
12Organizational Environment and Culture
1321st Century Management Trends
14Understanding Global Environment-WTO and SAARC
15Decision Making and Taking
16Rational Decistion Making
17Natures and Types of Managerial Decis
18Non Rational Decision Making
19Group Decision Making
20Planning and Decision Aids-I
21Planning and Decision Aids-II
22Planning: Functions and Benefits
23Planning Process and Goal Levels
24Management by Objective
25Strategic Management-I
26Strategic Management-II
27Levels of Strategies
28Enterpreneurship Management
30Job Design
31Span of Command
32Organizational Design
33Leadership and Motivation
34MASLOWs Needs Theory
35Other Theories of Motivation
36Expectency Goal Setting and Re-enforcement Theories
37Motivating Knowledge Professionals
38Behavioral and Situational Models of Leadership
39Strategic Leadership Models
40Group Dynamics in Organizations
41Group Concepts
42Understanding Managerial Communication
43Communication Networks and Channels ICT
44Controlling and a Management Function
45Controlling Organizational Performance
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