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Business and Technical Communication

Course Description:

The main objective of the course is to

equip students with skills that will enable

them to communicate clearly and concisely in

diverse business situations. The students will

learn the importance of planning and

organizing effective written messages. The

course will emphasize on determining

objectives and on developing a logical

argument before presenting the message in an

appropriate format.

The course is divided into two sections:

1. Written communication

2. Oral communication


Module 1: Basics of Effective Technical and

Business Communication

Module 2: Forms of Written Communication:

Reports; proposals; letters; memos;

applications; resumes; Instructions,

Specification documents

Module 3: Research &Writing

Module 4: Oral Communication


Simran, a newly hired dietitian, must communicate to

make the work valuable to her employer, at a large

hospital. She has devised a way to reorganize the

hospital kitchen that save money etc. Her insights

will benefit the hospital only if they are

communicated to someone who has the power to

implement them, such as the kitchen director.

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Business and Technical English Writing

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