38 Lessons

Business and Technical English Writing

1Business and Technical Communication
2Oral Communication
4Determine and Target Audience
5Defining Objectives
6Accuracy Clarity Conciseness and Coherence
7Seven Cs of Effective Communication 1
8Seven Cs of Effective Communication 2
9Seven Cs of Effective Communication 3
10Seven Cs of Effective Communication 4
11Planning Business Messages
12Memorandums Meeting Documents and Proposals
13Letters Writing 1
14Letters Writing 2
15Writing Direct Requests
16Writing Routine Good-News and Goodwill Messages
17Writing Bad-News Messages
18Writing Persuasive Messages
19Writing Short Reports
20Planning Long Reports
21Writing Long Reports
22General Reports
23Empirical Research Report
24Feasibility Reports
25Progress Reports
28Using Visual Aids
29Creating Twelve Types of Visual Aids
30Writing Specifications and Analysis Reports
31How to Avoid Common Writing Problems
32Language Review The Paragraph
33Language Review Sentences
34Language Review Sentences II
35Language Review Words and Punctuation I
36Language Review Punctuation II
37Language Review Mechanics
38Listening and Interviewing

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