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Concise Notes on Data Structures and Algorithms

Table of Contents
Introduction: data structures, algorithms, ruby programming language,
Built-In Types: simple, structured, ruby, types, symbol, range,
Arrays: introduction, varieties of arrays, arrays in ruby, exercises,
Assertions: introduction, types of assertions, data types,
Containers: introduction, varieties of containers, container taxonomy,
Stacks: introduction, stack ADT, stack interface, using stacks,
Queues: introduction, queue ADT, queue interface, using queue,
Stacks and Recursion: introduction, balanced brackets, infix, prefix,
Collections: iteration design alternatives, iterator design pattern,
Lists: introduction, list ADT, list interface, example, using lists,
Analyzing Algorithms: introduction, measuring, work done, size, input,
Function Growth Rates: introduction, definition, notation, function,
Basic Sorting Algorithms: introduction, bubble sort, selection sort,
Recurrences: introduction, setting up recurrences, solving recurrences
Merge sort and Quicksort: introduction, merge sort, quicksort,
Trees, Heaps, and Heapsort: introduction, basic terminology,
Binary Trees: introduction, binary tree ADT, binary tree class,
Binary Search and Binary Search Trees: introduction, binary search,
Sets: introduction, set ADT, set interface, contiguous implementation,
Maps: introduction, map ADT, map interface, contiguous implementation,
Hashing: introduction, hasing problem, hash functions,
Hashed Collections: introduction, hash tablets, hashsets, hashmaps,
Graphs: introduction, directed, undirected graphs, basic terminology,
Graph Algorithms: introduction, graph algorithms in ruby,

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