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C# 1 Introduction to programming and the C# language

Table of Contents
Part 1 Introduction to C#: Introduction: example, hellow world,
Basic program architecture: program, explanation, comment, exam
Variables: application, process, data, name, type, operators, variable
Console programs: exam, code, explanation, comment, application,
Program control: control statement, sort two numbers, Weekday,
Strings: class string, variable, explanation, comment,
Arrays: number of objects, two arrays, type int, array of strings,
Part 2: Object Oriented Programming: Classes: coins, instance variable
Design of classes: C# program, dice, explanation, comment,
Methods: names, return value, properties, parameters, explanation,
Inheritance: points, persons, base, protected, virtual, override,
The class Object: method, parameter, array, type, comment,
Abstract classes: abstract points, loan, explanation, comment,
Interfaces: money, explanation, comment, class purse, program,
Static members: string builder, explanation, comment
More about arrays: array, number of elements, explanation, comment,
Types: char, bool, types, integers, decimal numbers, concept,
Enum: value type, enum, method,
Struct: value, structure, type, system, point, variable, explanation,
Generic types: types, generic methods, sorting an array,
Exception handling: system exception, explanation, comment
Comments: C#, code, html, documentation, explanation,
Extension methods: extension methods, microsoft, parameter,
Part 3: Collection classes: List: elements, array, list of strings,
Stack and Queue: stack of integers, stacksort, explanation,
LinkedList: List, linkedlist of names, explanation, comment,
Dictionary and SortedDictionary: table of job titles,
Part 4: IO: Text files: text, write, read, comma separated file,
Binary files: print 100 numbers in a fil, read, binary file, seek,
Info about directories and files: directory Info, fileinfo,
Object serialization: datatypes, binary serialization,
User defined serialization: serializationinfo, parameter,

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