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Fundamentals of communication,

The Author: Dr Georgios P. Piperopoulos, sociology, psychology

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As an academic, Dr Georgios P. Piperopoulos (rtd) Professor of Communications and Public Relations
received his Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. degrees studying sociology and psychology at American, German
and Austrian Universities. Spanning an academic life of over four decades in American, European and
Greek Universities he designed and taught undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses
in industrial sociology, social and organizational psychology, social problems and social pathology,
communication, public relations and leadership. He has recently retired from his professorial chair in the
Department of Business Administration at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. .

He has developed and taught Leadership, Communication, Stress Management and Psychological
Operations courses at the Supreme Joint War College of the Hellenic Armed Forces; at, the Hellenic Police
Continuing Education Centre and at the United Nations Peace Serving Operations Training Centre (in

He is currently visiting professor with Sheffield University International Faculty, (The City College of
Thessaloniki), in the Department of Business and Economics. He is a life member of the American
Psychological Association, and has been a member of the American Sociological Association, the New
York Academy of Sciences (Psychology), the International Association of Business Communicators and an
affiliate of the British Psychological Society.

As a practitioner, he has held a variety of top managerial posts in large multinational enterprises such
as Goodyear, Hellas and public organizations in the USA as Executive Director Spectrum House, Inc
in Massachusetts (now Spectrum Health Services), and Director of Planning Progress for Providence,
R.I. War on Poverty Programs. He has also provided services as a management consultant on employee
communications and corporate public relations for a number of multinational and large national enterprises
in Greece and to two Greek Premier League football teams (Apollon and Heracles of Thessaloniki.

He is listed in the Who Is Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities (1964), Who is Who
in the World, Who is Who in Europe and the Greek Who is Who.

He has published several textbooks and popular books in Greek and English and authored hundreds of
articles and editorials in leading Greek Newspapers and magazines including the Greek American New York
based newspapers Herald Tribune and Atlantis. He is a frequent guest on Greek TV and radio programs as
a commentator and, for several years, he presented his own TV programme titled 'I Communicate Therefore
I am' in Greek National and Regional TV channels and Radio stations. He has appeared frequently as a
guest commentator in English Language International News programs originating in Athens.

His daughter Dr Anastasia Natasha Piperopoulou lives with her husband and son in Athens and serves
as a psychologist in a public school for training and educating adolescents with special needs. His son Dr
Panagiotis Piperopoulos is a lecturer at the Newcastle University Business School in the UK.

  1. Communication is a universal phenomenon: system of 4 components
  2. Human Communication: scheme of human communication, defining
  3. Body Language: darwins contribution, intrigue of body language
  4. Mass Media & social media: stone inscription, printing process
  5. The Role of attitudes in human communication: defining attitudes
  6. The birth of a speciality: roots in antiquity, historic glimpse
  7. Publics, Public Opinion and its moulders: historical evolution, term
  8. Rhetoric, Persuasion and Propaganda: rome, love, definitions, variety
  9. Corporate Communication & Responsibility: corporate communication
  10. Press releases, special events and sponsorships: PR specialist
  11. Leaders and Leadership: pantheon of leaders, persons, injustice
  12. Leadership, Power, Authority & Charisma: events, political, financial
  13. Leadership research at the Universities of Iowa, Ohio & Michigan:
  14. Modern theories of leadership in Private and Public Enterprises and Or
  15. Instead of an epilogue: Women leaders remain under a ‘glass ceiling:
  16. References: Bibliography
  17. The Author: Dr Georgios P. Piperopoulos, sociology, psychology