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Introduction to Email Marketing: what is email marketing?





Introduction To Email Marketing

Email now plays a big part in everyone's lives especially that of business. As a business tool is enables you to communicate
with your staff, your suppliers and your customers. So just how can you use email effectively to market your business to
new and existing clients? This textbook will teach you the basics of how to market using email.

Sean McPheat, a serial entrepreneur and internet marketing authority is the author of this publication. Sean owns many
successful online businesses ranging from an International Training business through to dozens of mini sites selling
different products and services online. Sean is the founder of the Internet Marketing Academy which aims to improve
the standards of internet marketing around the globe. Sean has been featured on CNN, BBC, ITV, on numerous radio
stations and has contributed to many newspapers. He's been featured in over 250 different publications.

Sean is a high in demand consultant and speaker on topics related to internet marketing and making money online and
estimates show that he has created over £20,000,000 of leads and £6,000,000 of sales all through the internet. That does
not include all of the millions that he has helped his clients to make!

Introduction To Email Marketing

Download 6 Internet Marketing Cheat Sheets

Please visit our website www.internetmarketingacademy.com to download some of the very internet marketing cheat
sheets that Sean has used to build his online empire.

Contact The Internet Marketing Academy


Web: www.internetmarketingacademy.com
Email: info@internetmarketingacademy.com


From The UK: 02476 233 151
International: ++ 44 2476 233 151

  1. Introduction to Email Marketing: what is email marketing?
  2. Using Email Marketing Software: email service provider, introduction
  3. Building Email Lists by Quantity: electronic communication, privacy
  4. Building Email Lists by Quality: introduction, list segmenting
  5. Crafting an Email: introduction, getting unread email noticed
  6. Analyzing and Tracking Your Email Marketing Strategy: introduction
  7. Resources: