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Human Resource Management


33 Steps to Great Presentation
Analytics for Managerial Decision Making
Business Blogs
Business Briefs: Business Theory Made Simple
Business Communication: Achieving Results
Business Cycles and Financial Crises
Business Information Systems
Business Models: Networking, Innovating and Globalizing
Business Research Methods
Buzz or Zap?
Corporate Governance and International Business
Cost Analysis: Managerial and Cost Accounting
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Email Marketing
Enterprise Risk Management
Essentials of Macroeconomics
Financial Decision-making & Investor Behaviour
Fundamentals of communication,
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
Graduate Employment
Hidden Communication Skills Revealed!
How to Improve Your Production: Part I
Human Resource Management
Innovative Service Design Workbook
Internet Marketing
Law for Computing Students
Law for the Business Student
Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice
Making the Business Case
Managerial and Cost Accounting
Managerial and Cost Accounting Exercises I
Managerial and Cost Accounting Exercises II
Managerial and Cost Accounting Exercises III
Managerial and Cost Accounting Exercises IV
Managing the Human Resource in the 21st Century
Marketing Research - Exercises
Media and Cultural Theory
Operations Management
Organizational Theory
Personal Finance in Today’s Complex World
Project Leadership - Step by Step: Part II
Project Management
Quality Management
Recruitment and Selection
Six Sigma
Sports Development, Law And Commercialization
Strategic Management
Strategic Marketing
Studying Strategy