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Introduction to Mass Communication

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Communication generally and mass communication in particular has a great deal to serve a diversity
of purposes human beings have always wished to achieve. The strong effects of striving to achieve purposes
of human communication are visible and helped bring harmony of living in a number of ways.
Here we will see how the process of communication at different scales has helped people of different
societies to benefit from exchanging views (messages) on subjects of their interest. First we will see to what
effect the communication stands for.


The immediate effect of communication is to discover something – from an individual to an idea to
physical exploration – as a consequence of generating a message.
For centuries human beings have been striving to explore the world around them. Nothing more has helped
them in this quest than the communication. It is usually the answer to a communication which brings in
certain effects of discovery. Even to day when two people meet the communication starts from here; my
name is Sara and what is yours? Or, I live in Karachi and (where do) you (live)?
It is an instinct of human nature to discover matters around him or her. The process of communication
over the centuries has helped tremendously to mankind explore the world around and develop a civilization.


Next to discovering, the most important effect of communication is to create relationship with
people and things around. A piece of communication is always targeted towards other people with whom
you want to have a relationship, or with whom a relationship – of friendship or enmity – already exist.
Usually the effect of communication is that a new relationship is set or a fresh dimension, which may be
strengthening an existing relationship, is given.
And this phenomenon is not confined to individuals. Nations have been seen striving to use the tool of
communication to bring this effect. High level diplomats and even heads of states are seen engaged in fresh
communication with their counterparts from societies with whom little association has been witnessed in
the past.
The mass communication has always worked strongly to fetch this effect to societies living a distance apart
from each other.
Historically, many a travelers roamed about the world even when traveling facilities had been scant, to
communicate and establish relationship. In many cases an effort by a small group of travelers had helped set
up long lasting relationships between people of two societies.

Helping Out Others

Hallmark of communication effects has been the human effort to provide assistance to other fellow
beings. It is due to communication from one part of the world to another that the suffering humanity is
saved from various disasters. At a lower scale as well, a piece of communication works miracle to save lives
of many. Think of a situation when a house catches fire and a family is trapped inside. One call to rescue
operation team – a piece of communication, I will say – activates so much movement of rescuers that in
most cases many lives are saved from what could have been a major catastrophe.
Hurricanes, excessive rains, earthquakes, epidemics and floods are but everyday occurring around the globe
but almost in every tragedy no sooner a communication is made, help starts pouring in from all around.


Stimulation, or persuasion, is another effect caused on human beings by communication. An advice
from a teacher may effect into activating students to work more seriously, or conduct research on a given
At mass level, an appeal from a cherished leader to donate blood or to draw certain measures may do a
magic. For instance in the wake of soaring sugar prices if an appeal – a communication- is made from a
leader asking people to reduce use of the sweetener may work more than other administrative measures and
the price may start falling due to low demand.
It is commonly observed that an organized and well thought after piece of communication causes a great
deal of persuasion on matters of common interest.


Among effects of communication one huge area is the relief which is effective when an exchange
of ideas or even receiving of messages is done in common life.
It is a frequent sight seeing people telling jokes to ward off their worries. Watching a humorous TV play
when one is tense does substantially well to change the mood and lessen the anxiety level. Similarly,
watching a tense match and seeing your favorite team winning eventually relaxes you to a large extent.
The effect of communication in relaxing people is also observed in meta-communication in which one is
involved with non living things as well.

Social Growth

Growth of social values, physical structures and increase in the overall intellectual level of a society
are result of the net effect it receives from the every day communication.
The exchange of message on scores of issues commonly shared by the people living in one society always
lead to organizing people in a better way. The coherence in living style gives a sort of strength to people of
one community which distinguishes it from others. Likewise, sharing of economic knowledge by the people
of same society is the effect of common swapping of expertise which some people have gained by their
individual efforts.
The present campaign of globalization and all the debate originating from it is a clear effect of the
communication which has been taking place on this subject over the decades. It is a matter of common
sense that the new approach of one village is going to benefit almost all the people who excel in any field of
life. Again, it is a piece of communication which will make people in the same village to come to know how
they can benefit from the expertise of others.

Communication Effects in Time and Space

Effects of communication are not limit to present day activities but as a matter of fact they go
beyond the limits of time and space. This is quite possible that an idea generated at one time of history is
materialized in some physical form at another stage.
Most scientific inventions, like radio, are the result of a multiple pieces of communication made by scientists
over a period of 150 years. Many scientists who professed presence of electromagnetic waves but could not
prove this in their life time, left behind a theory on which others worked and were able to discover a truth
in the original idea.
The distance consideration has also been overcome by ever progressing process of communication. A little
research done by a scientist on, for example a disease is widely known to others living miles away, thanks to
communication. This brings great effect in the science world and makes the collective human progress more

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Introduction to Mass Communication

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