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Writing Routine Good-News and Goodwill Messages

Writing Routine, Good-News and Goodwill Messages

Organizing Positive Messages:

Whether written or oral, positive messages begin with a clear statement of the

main idea, clarify any necessary details, and with a courteous close.

Clear Statement of the Main Idea:

Almost all business communication has two basic purposes:

- To convey information

- To produce in the audience a favorable (or at least accepting) attitude or response

Necessary Details:

•Your reason for communicating can usually be expressed in a sentence or two,

but you’ll need more spaces or time to explain your point completely so that

your audience will have no confusion or lingering doubt.

Courteous Close:

•Your message is most likely to succeed if your audience is left with the feeling that

you have their personal welfare in mind.

Acknowledging Orders:

•Acknowledgements are appropriate for large orders, first orders, and orders that

cannot be filled right away.

Replying to Requests for Information and Action:

That person's opinion of your company, your products, your department, and you

yourself will be influenced by how promptly, graciously, and thoroughly the request

is handled.

When a Potential Sale Is Involved:

•When answering requests involving a potential sale, you have three main goals:

–To respond to the inquiry and answer all questions

–To encourage the future sale

–To leave your reader with a good impression of you and your firm

When No Potential Sale Is Involved:

•There are two essential goals when no sale is involved:

–Responding to the request

–Leaving a favorable impression of your company or fostering a good working relationship

Responding Favorably to Claims and Adjustment Requests:

•Don’t blame an individual or a specific department, and avoid such lame excuses as

“Nobody’s perfect” or “Mistakes will happen.’

Approving Credit:

•Handling routine credit requests is important because consumers often carry a

wallet full of plastic credit card, and businesses of all seizes operate more smoothly

because they can pay for their purchases over time.

Providing Credit References:

•The great majority of credit applications are checked electronically:

Write this

You’ve been selected to join our firm as a

staff accountant, beginning March 20.

Instead of this

I am pleased to inform you that after

deliberating the matter carefully, our

personnel committee has recommended

you for appointment as a staff accountant.

Computer terminals at many stores connect directly with databanks maintained by

national credit reporting agencies.

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